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Off-site Document Storage in Baltimore

Our members in Baltimore are full service providers of records management including an expertise in :
*Offsite Storage
*Document Imaging Solutions
*Data Backup and Recovery
* (Most members also provide Confidential Document Shredding. Our clean and secure facility allows you to better protect your critical data. We offer bar coded technology that allows the ability to manage your inventory via the internet.

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Read the quotes below from other companies like you who are getting ready to place their important files with a professional records storage company. Contact the members of the association in your area now to start your project.

  • Looking for a new vendor of Tape Storage.
  • interested in a quote for offsite document storage of our previous student's records
  • Approximately 10 normal size file boxes.
  • We need to have approximately 10 pallets of Brokerage and Transportation files stored and accessible. We are on a tight timeline as well.
  • Approx. 25 book cartons. May need access once or twice a year at most. Additional 2 boxes per year would require storage. Also interested in shredding/scanning services.
  • We have roughly 40-50 boxes and wanted to explore our options for storage. If you could give us a quote on what it would cost our company per month to store our boxes there, that would be great
  • I am interested in a quote for medical record storage.

Off-site Document Storage in Baltimore click on this link..In other parts of the USA, click here to find Off-site File Storage.

Cost Savings is One Reason To Store Off-site in Baltimore

A box of documents can be stored for less than a dollar per month. However, it may cost $100 or more to scan that box. At first glance, you realize you can store a box for a long time and still be cheaper storing. Then the question, is how often to you need any contents out of the box. If it is just a few times per year, you will be still saving money by storing with an off-site storage company.