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Off-site File Storage in Philadelphia

You will receive the following services from our members in Philadelphia. Record Storage: The Organizing, Sorting, Indexing and Securely Storing Your Confidential Records. Upon request, we return the files to you in one of a number of ways. Just let us know what kind of document storage storage services you require and we can help you. Save time and space by storing your records off-site. Just as important our off-site location offers the peace of mind of having 24-hour security

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Do you need to save space and improve document security by moving your files off-site to a professional record storage company? The following are quotes from other entities like you who require such services. Contact the member of the association in your area now to secure off-site, safe record storage.

  • We would like to store our old records at your site. We would also like to have these records picked up from our former business location in Cincinnati.
  • Approximately 9 banker boxes to be stored for potential audit. 7 year requirement.
  • How much do you charge to store paper medical records? Do you charge by box or by chart? What is the process to retrieve records
  • Hello. I will have approximately 1500 paper medical (patient) charts to store. I will need to have them copied on request, with either paper copies or pdf files sent to new clinic location.
  • store old records, but will also need copies of some charts as patients come back into our office,
  • (Off-site File Storage) for 1896 boxes sized 10x12x15
  • I would like to know the cost of storing 400-800 boxes and the cost of destruction per box.

Off-site File Storage in Philadelphia click on this link..In other parts of the USA, click here to find Secure Off-site Records Storage.

Cost Savings Associated With Space Savings is One Reason To Store Off-site in Philadelphia

Eventually you will run out of space in your office to store files. That space which is occupied by the files or eventually a file room could be costing you $100 or a $1,000. You could utilize that same space in a more efficient and profitable manner. You can move your files off-site to a secure records storage company and save money, postponing moving and being more profitable.