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Offsite Business Records Storage in Spokane

If your documents in Spokane are overflowing and/or taking up valuable space at your office, our members can store them at an affordable price that is less expensive than other storage facilities. Contact our members for a quote for your off-site professional record storage.

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Contact the members in Spokane.

Read the quotes below from other companies like you who are getting ready to place their important files with a professional records storage company. Contact the members of the association in your area now to start your project.

  • Approximately 10 normal size file boxes.
  • We have several boxes of charts we would like to have stored
  • Hello. I will have approximately 1500 paper medical (patient) charts to store. I will need to have them copied on request, with either paper copies or pdf files sent to new clinic location.
  • I have about 300 boxes (all same bankers size boxes) that I need to transfer to a new facility
  • Wanting a quote for paper storage of 40 years worth of records. Since I don't have an exact number of records, I would just like a ballpark estimate.
  • Looking for information on secure record storage
  • (File Storage for) 1500 (boxes)

Most Companies Want Secure Off-Site File Storage in Spokane Because of the Following

SECURITY:  The various government regulations dictate that you have to take all possible measures to keep your critical documents protected.  That means they are not viewable by anyone who happens to be in your office.  If your documents are just setting in file cabinets where anyone can view them, then you may not be complying with the various privacy protection laws.  Who should you fear having access to your critical files?  Any of the following could cause you harm, Disgruntled or unscrupulous employees, Employees of Subcontractors on whom you have not done background checks, Custodial personnel (in your offices alone at night), Customers or patients who may have access to your offices where files may be stored