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Our members of Record Storage Companies of America in Los Angeles are among the largest and oldest locally owned and operated Records Management Companies. Some members have over 20 years of experience in the off-site storage of confidential and critical document storage. Most provide these services.

- Secure Document Storage

- Pick-up and Delivery Service

- On-line access to records

- Document Destruction Services

- Equipment and Media Destruction

- Records Retention Consulting

- Media vault for magnetic media storage and rotation services

- Document Imaging/Scan-On-Demand

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The members of Record Storage Companies of America have been asked to provide off-site file storage for years.  Here are some of the actual requests.

  • How much do you charge to store paper medical records? Do you charge by box or by chart? What is the process to retrieve records
  • We currently have a need to store approximately 733 document boxes to free up space in our facility. We need to have them stored in a facility that would allow us to have access in case we need to search for certain documents.
  • store old records, but will also need copies of some charts as patients come back into our office,
  • I work for a small organization that does not have the need for a large storage space. What is the minimum amount of space you will contract to a company?
  • We would like to store our old records at your site. We would also like to have these records picked up from our former business location in Cincinnati.

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