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Secure Off-site Document Storage in Cleveland

The association member in Cleveland have been designing, installing and providing support for Document Storage and Management Systems and Solutions. We help companies track manage store and purge files intelligently quickly and economically.

The following are normal off-site record storage requests our customers have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the record storage association in your area now.

    • Approximately 9 banker boxes to be stored for potential audit. 7 year requirement.
    • We lost our storage company. We have ( I think ) 2-3,000 banker boxes to store. current bid is from
    • quote for storage of medical records and cost to retrieve and deliver records.
    • Can you send me a RFP for storage. We have approximately 95 boxes to store. Are you able to shred boxes after 7 years?
    • 150 boxes currently in another storage facility. Will need to find a storage facility that meets our budget, and the company we're with is costing us a lot of money every year.
    • have several years of paper chart that need to move off site with occasional access and then destruction after 7 year age out.
    • I have 12+ boxes of files to be scanned in Cleveland .
    • I have about 40 small banker boxes in Cleveland that I need to keep for 5 years. I am getting some estimates on what it will cost to scan these files in and shred the original documents.
    • What is the cost of converting 5000 images in Cleveland . Currently, we convert one at a time as needed, but I want to do a cost comparison to show that we should convert them all at one time.
    • We have over 20 years of paper files we would like to convert to CD's. How much would that cost and do you travel to Cleveland ?
    • Would like to get a price on scanning approximately 10,000 pcs. This would be a one time scan. I am open to options. Documents are in Cleveland .
    • Looking for someone to scan a banker's box of documents to .pdg and Bates number. I will have similar jobs on an ongoing basis in Cleveland ."

Secure Off-site Document Storage in Cleveland click on this link..In other parts of the USA, click here to find Secure Off-site File Storage.

You Should Place These Records Off-site in Cleveland

  • All records which could cause harm in the hands of criminals or competitors (canceled checks, price lists, business plans, credit card numbers)
  • All files which are mandated to be protected by your state laws or the federal laws such as HIPAA (medical information), GRAMM LEACH BLILEY (financial) and FACTA (personal credit) records