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Johnson County Missouri Confidential Records Storage

The companies listed below provide document storage services in Johnson County, Missouri and the surrounding areas.


Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (KC)

8600 N.E. Underground Dr. #146
Kansas City, MO 64161
Sales Contact: Erin Falter
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Buried 150 feet deep underground within a limestone mine in northern Kansas City our storage facility is accessible only to authorized Underground Vaults and Storage (UV&S) staff. We provide 180000 square feet of space to securely store records data tapes and microfilm. We also offer a refrigerated vault for movie film. With a cool stable environment UV&S-Kansas City provides ideal storage conditions for your valuable records and information. Our flexibility provides you access to data immediately. You design the rotation schedule necessary to meet your data tape back up needs on a daily weekly or monthly basis. We also offer secure online access to the status of your tapes and records.

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