Oklahoma City Confidential Records Storage

The companies listed below provide record storage services for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.


Underground Vaults & Storage Inc

5621 West Reno Suite D
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Sales Contact: Joni Mingle
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Located within the Oklahoma City metropolitan area our above ground records center offers economical storage secure courier transportation and tape rotation services. We are also proud to announce that UV&S-Oklahoma City now provides the only underground climate controlled media vault in the area. Our UV&S-Oklahoma City site offers business continuity planning and ensures that you are meeting your compliance regulations.  With scan-on-demand services same day retrievals and 24 hour a day 7 day a week access you will be able to obtain your information whenever you need it. For your convenience we also have free secured web access to your inventory. If searching for secure storage of healthcare records legal documents data tapes and business documents look no further than our Oklahoma City off-site storage facility.

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David Murray, Director of Association
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Portland, Or 97224

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Video About Medical Records Storage

Video About Medical Records Storage